What are the differences between the iPod Touch 4th Generation and iPhone 4?

Which one is better? Can someone compare them for me please? Which features does the iPhone 4 have that the iPod 4 doesn’t, and vice versa? Detailed answers please!

Answer #1

One is a phone :P

Answer #2

-.- I meant like…oh, you know what I meant >.> Is that really the only difference?

Answer #3

the iphone4g has a camera in the front to! i dont the 4 gen ipod has a camera at all!

Answer #4

The iPod 4G does have a camera :P

Answer #5

oh wait is it the one apple had unvailed few days a go?!!

Answer #6

Mhm :)

Answer #7

well then there really isnt much of a difference! tho iphones would be a lot louder then the touch! abd they come with different earbuds! in the iphone one u get the volume control… thats it and the iphone is fatter:p lolz

Answer #8

um one can have internet anywhere. iphone can have internet where, itouch needs to b in a wifi area. but besides that nothing. because the new itouch has face to face talk so now u can call some1 so theres not much of a big difference

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