What is the chance of getting shot in the army?

just wondering, im not backing out of m decision of joining when I get out of high school, imjust wondering what the chances would be

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don't listen to zinty -- s/he is inserting their political opinions, which you didn't ask for. you have made your own, respectable decision, and if people disagree, should keep that opinion to themselves unless it's asked for.

I just found a very interesting chapter from a book, called "Deployment injuries" which reinforces that your chances are actually quite slim. I'll link you to the chapter, which can be read as a .pdf online. The chart below shows injuries of deployed and non-deployed army personnel during the Gulf war. It's really interesting and shows that the only time the ratio of deployed injuries to non-deployed injuries is *higher* is in instances of explosions. (Click the photo twice to enlarge).

The Persian/Gulf War is from where most of the data in the Chapter came from, due to when it was written, so the statistics could be different in today's wars. But still, an interesting read.

Also, you asked about being shot -- according to the text, the instance / occurrences of this are much, much less than other injuries: "Among the deployed, motor vehicle accidents were the leading mechanism of death (62 deaths, 33.9% of deaths), followed by aircraft accidents (47 deaths, 25.7% of all deaths).

The chapter, published by the Borden Institute of the Army:

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if you have been watching the news, there was something about them catching a terrorist that had all sorts of explosives. but how they found him was weird. like he wanted to be found, and this is just me thinking but it could just be a distraction for something much bigger. you never know anyways anything can happen at any time. theres a war and you need to be ready.

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but I dont see the point in defending the country right now when we dont need to be defended.

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too you to me its just serving my country,I owe it that and I am read able and willing to do anything, im no wuss and ill do anything that it takes.

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going into the army is suicide.

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Sorry, thats just in Afghanistan

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I read that in 2009 there were 10,000 troops and 108 killed in action, so thats 1% chance of dying

I also read that there is a 5% chance of being seriously wounded

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my boyfriend is intersested in going in the army it is a great thing to do if you really want to you have to be fit to pass a fitness test you can also go in a do mechanics and that but for certain things you need grades, its scarey going in I was when he meantioned it but he also put a point you can do differnet things and may not be sent to affgan I think its a great thing if you want to do it?

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