What is the called when some likes the feeling of pain??

Ok so my friend told me that she likes the feeling of pain, for example she will burn her self with the silver part of a lighter after its been burned after atleast 30 seconds and stuff like that..so whats the name of the disorder or whateva..because I really want to help her before it leads to death.

Answer #1

Stag3rd, you don’t have all the proper definitions.

-Masochism is finding pleasure in receiving pain. -Sadism is finding pleasure in causing someone else pain. -Sadomasochism is finding pleasure in the giving and receiving of pain with a partner or partners.

These are all philias. Where phobias are specific fears, philias are specific pleasures or desires.

Yes, sadomasochism is typically seen in a sexual relationship, but frequently actual sex has nothing to with finding pleasure in the causing and receiving of pain.

Masochism and Sadism are also common between lovers, but often exist outside of sexual situations. Parents can be sadistic, children can be sadistic, teachers can be sadistic, spouses/partners can be sadistic (outside of the bedroom), and so on, and same goes for being masochistic.


As stag3rd pointed out though, it is completely normal for someone to find pleasure in feeling pain or even causing themselves pain.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your friend about her interest. She’s probably learning about herself as she experiences more, and it would most likely help her to have someone to talk to about it. Even if you’re not interested in it personally, you shouldn’t judge her, and you should keep an open mind.

Remember, there’s a difference between liking the sensation of pain and wanting to get attention and/or attempting suicide.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

masochism is just finding pleasure in pain, sadomasochism is the finding of pleasure in sexual pain or in being caused pain during sexually related acts.

Answer #3

Masochism is mostly related to sexual acts.

If it isnt sexual, it most likely is just self harm/mutilation. There’s no disorder in the DSM that describes exactly that, at least not yet. Self harm has been linked to borderline personality, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. As for helping her, not sure how you’re planning on doing that. She needs to talk to a therapist.

Answer #4

IT IS NOT A DISORDER! we are known as masochists I personally am sadomasochistic. There is nothing wrong with it and most of the time the reason it leads to death is because people feel like they have to hide it. example, accidental death by auto erotic asphyxiation. millions of people find pleasure in pain and while millions more think it to be strange there is really nothing wrong with it.

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