What is the busiest day for restaurants?

Which day of the year is the busiest one for people dining out in restaurants?

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I worked in a restaurant before as a cook, and Vaentine's Day was our busiest.
Now, we were downtown and when there were festivals, the restaurant was insane.

If you are looking for during the week busy:
lunch: sunday- after church
dinner: Friday and Saturday

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It varies from one community to another, but being a chef in my community, I can tell you that here - it's valentine's day.

Other communities will tell you it's mother's day...it depends a lot on your target market.

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I would say Mother's Day and Valentine's Day...

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Busiest day of the year is Mother's Day.

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I agree with sundays, because familys are together and they go out to eat right after church.

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From what I know,Sunday's most likely.

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