What is the best method of getting rid of dark under eye circles?

I have dark circles under my eyes, and I’ve basically had them for years. I’ve tried drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep, they’ve gotten a bit better, but they are still very noticeable…I really hate them because they make me look old and dull. Please help me out!

Answer #1

dark circles are more predominate in the winter months. Tanning helps reduce the signs.

Answer #2

Do you have chronic sinusitis or a post nasal drip? Both of those can cause chronic black circles. Speak to your doctor for treatment for them.

Also some people have them disappear when they cut out dairy for a while. You can also explore that option.

Answer #3

this is actually quite a common problem and even though you notice them, other people wont, but anyway heres my advice. temporarily you could put some teaspoons in ice or cold water for a while and then hold them over your eyes for about 5 - 10 minutes, or use cucumber even. maybe you could just cover them up with a bit of makeup, but if you want them to go away permanently then I suggest going to a doctor to find out why youve got them.

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