What is the average dick size or a 14 year old

Me and my girlfriend were talking about dicks, and I asked her what she thought an average size was

she didn't respond lol

but what is it
I'm 14, ( just turned 14)
but my voice hasn't cracked

My dick is around 4 inches

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Haha, he is a "fully grown male" though! You don't need to be sticking your dick into anyones vagina yet so just get over the fact that its 4 inches lol.

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ew smalll peniss, my boyfriend is 6 inches not hard and 9 inches hard

What is the average size penis for a 14 year old boy?
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I'm size is 6" and I'm 13 and a half but my shoe size is 12 so.

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... im 17 and about 7.5 lol youll be fine kiddo

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Im 4.1 On A Boner Is That Fine ? Lol Anyone Im 16 1/2

What's the average penis size?
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ok, thanks

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Haha wow I must have a big one because I'm 14 and my dicks 5 soft and 7.5 hard 

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hey ummm me and my girlfriend are talking about having sex and im 14 and my dick is 6 normal and 8 erect is that big for my age..plzwb

what's the avarage size peins for a 13 year old?
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It depends on your ethnicity, it really does.

But overall the average is around 4 inches (soft)

Don't worry about it now too much,

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For me I ask qresy Questions too but I will not ask Question that will make people sick are you are soo luke that the guy who made FunAdvice.com dided delet your accont,my friend.

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Funny how most 14-15 year olds are saying they are 7-9 inches considering that is less then 10% of the people, that havefully grown. Thes just points out that most of you are lieing and actually are insecure and has little penises.

I am 15 and am like 6.25 inches.

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If your penis is small just ask your girl she is a virgin if she say yes what do you have to worry about. She don't know what is a average size

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hello I am 17 and my dick is 10.5 and girls dont want to have sex because they are scared of it
please help
me make it smaller
I beg you

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I don't know man, when I was 14 it was like 4.5, im 16 now and its at 6.1 so if that helps any.

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no it doesnt rely on race, because im 3/4 black 1/4 white, and they say blacks have big dicks, im 14 and mine is only 5.5in erect

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im 15 my kok is 8inch when I ot a boner...
my girlfriend aint a virgin and I aint either bt I find it very hard to even get a kiss off her...I am dien to have sex bt I don't think she wants it yet...I think my kok mite be a bit to big 4her I duno...she has alreadi given me head bt I think she is to scared to have sex with me...

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my boyfriends is 10 1/2 and hes 16..

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my dick is 5 inch when hard and 1 inch across im 16

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im 14 and my dick is 5 inches erect and 1.5 across is that small? please respond

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im 13 and my dick is 5 erect is that small?

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umm kk I think its normal but I hve a question...im 16 and im 5.5, 6.0...is that ok?? I hear every1 tlkin biut how theyre so bigg so I just wanted to no if thts good enoughh to pleasure my girlfriend eventually (shes only 15..and we don't plan on havin sex for a while butt im kindaa worried here) ndd is it gonna grow more or is that it??...

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hahahahahahahaha 4 inchs dude
nah just kidding
ure way to fkn young dude
wait a couple years if you dont want to embarras yourself...
you can always just finger her :)

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Guys that say there 8 are probly just bullshitting because there small... 4 percent of the population have 7 or bigger!! Just be happy with ure size.. Its not how big it is, it's how you use it that counts. I'm 15 and I'm 6 when erect

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this is just plan gay why we talking about our dicks

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Ma dick is 6 3/4 and im 14

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its like a sausage fest, so I might as well contribute! lol. Im 14 and at 6.5, and honestly she shouldn't care how big you are.

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I turn 14 in 3 months I measured 2 months ago and I was 6.25 inches but im probably bigger now because I grew more than 2 inches since last year the average grown man is 5.5 - 6.5 is that normal they say its because of your leg or something like that but im 5'4 1/2''

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im 15 and im 6

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im 13 and im 3 in ;(

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Like, without a boner, it's 4 inches

I don't know if that's normal because I've read that 6 inches will a boner for a full grown man is normal

... :|

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lol im 23 and mine is like 4.5"

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Average size for adult males are like from 5 to 6.5 inches

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oh well if yours is 4in flaccid then I think you'll do well for yourself lucky you lmao

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im 8 years old and my dick is a foot and a half

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guya its all good. I was 7 and something when I was fourteen and it grew to 8ish and im 17 now...girls dont care about size unless its super big (9-10) or rele small (2-3 erect)

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son I'm reading all of this stuff and I believe all of y'all instead of the boy who said I'm 8 yrs old and my dick is 1foot long 1/2 now that bullshit. And the people who said the people who claims there dick is over 7 inches and there bullshittin and saying only 1/4 of the population has 7 an over. Y'all just jealous cause 13-15 yrs old has the dick size of 7-10 inches and the people who are with small dick at the age of 16-25 has dicks at the size of 2-5 inches. That's not normal that's small. And I'm 14 yrs old with a normal 7 inch and a 10 inch dick erected and if u think I'm lying that's a hell no and u better believe that with y'all average small penises

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Same person here also if u want to know is ur dick small or big. Look up this exact text and ur size fill in the blank. A white or black ____inch dick and it will show which porn websites and u pick one of them that is ur size and you'll see your size and know what it look like and trust me if your under 14 yrs old drink or eat some grapefruit it's healthy for ur body and it'll add a few centimeters each month and trust me it's Nasty and sometimes good. Just get over it and eat it. And trust me it's good to start young cause my BFF had a morning Boner in my house when he was staying a night and he dick huge and he was only 11 yrs old then and I told him how big is ur dick and he said 10 inches and I said and ur only 11 yrs old and u can break the record to. And I said how u get that big and he said my papa grows grapefruit on his farm and I will always eat them when I'm picking them when there ripe. And that's when I started to eat grapefruit and it pays off to. I'm 14 with a 10 inch dick and my BFF (now he's not cause he beat his grandma up and went to juvenile twice)his dick is 14 inches and he's 16 yrs old and trust 14 inches guys and 10 inches is big and it's cool to jerk it off with Vaseline cause with a big dick it feels even better. Do guys eat and drink grapefruit.

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I just turned 14, I'm a grower, I only have 6 and a half inches, I think I've bee this way since 12.5 years or 13 years old

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I just turned 14, I'm a grower, I only have 6 and a half inches, I think I've bee this way since 12.5 years or 13 years old

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I'm 13 and mine is 5 soft and 6.5 hard

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You all Need to Lay off of your Grandpas Viagra Stash

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You know that if your 14 teen with a small dick you should eat fruit like a banana as an example. Since a banana contains B6 and has a good source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, potassium, biotin, and copper. Also, all I can say is eating healthily you'll see more change in your body than just the penis.

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