Is a 5 and a half inch or 6 in dick normal for a 14 year old guy

Hey is 5 and a half inch dick normal and or 6 inches for a 14 year old? Just wondering cus guna get laid soon lol wish me good luck :)

Answer #1

Yes it’s completely normal but it won’t help with getting laid or being good in bed.

Here’s a website that might interest you:

Answer #2

I do not wish you good luck.

Answer #3

Did you say your 15?

Answer #4

haha. good luck? and yah, thats fine, for a grown man, 5 1/2-6 inches is average

Answer #5

You’re 14 not 19 yes you are over average for your age but that doesnt mean that you have to show it off and put it where it doesnt belong right now. Put it away and keep it to yourself.

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