What is suitable punishment for using a fake ID?

You may or may not be aware of a friend in your life who, at some point, purchased a fake id simply because they wanted to hang with their friend in the bar.

Some of these kids never make it home from the bar because of drinking and driving.

Some states are mandating specific ids to be used for establishments that serve alcohol and the ids are specially formulated and you cannot tamper with them or even make a copy.

If you, as a parent, caught your child with a fake id, what do you think is a suitable punishment that they will certainly learn from?

Answer #1

Actually my daughter is out on her own now :)

This was a hypothetical question because here (Upstate NY) there have been quite a few automobile crashes involving the deaths of underage teens who were found to have been in bars drinking prior to getting in car and driving.. to their death, so to speak.

Answer #2

In my sorority we had a big problem with fake IDs being used at events. We contacted the local police department and they did a mock arrest and took away several members. After about 5 minutes they all came back in and we discussed had this been a real situation what kind of trouble each person would have been in. In Florida it is a felony which is no joke at all. Let me tell you, we had a lot fewer problems after that. Maybe you could contact your son or daughter’s school and discuss doing something like this. In the mean time, have your son or daughter look up jobs on the web and see if any of them would consider hiring someone convicted of a felony. Ask them if they really want to work at Wal-Mart for the rest of their life. I’m willing to bet the answer is no.

Answer #3

well, i think u should go to juve. or get grounded big time!

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