What is sleep apnea

What causes it?

Answer #1

Sleep apnea is where you actually stop for awjile at various times during the night. Numerous causes –best known obesity. Dr”s prescribe C-PAP machines that keep the airway open and providing oxygen. If you think you may have sleep apnea (if you frequently awaken yourself with a large snorting sound you could possibly have it) Contacy your Dr for testing

Answer #2

A person quits breathing while sleeping…Obesity can be a cause…as well as deviated septum (like from a broken nose)…People who have it snore a lot and very loud…and then suddenly will just stop breathing…My husband has it, and when he stops snoring is when I wake up…

Apnea can harm the heart…it also makes the person who has it chronically tired, since they are missing out on much needed sleep…


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