What is making my laundry all fuzzy?

I am having a bit of trouble with my laundry… I admit I haven’t been doing my own for very long but I live with my dad so it’s up to me :P What could it be that is making my laundry have fuzz balls all over, and what can I do to make it stop?

Answer #1

Thatsa great answer too but I have another one also… Is your dryer stainless steel? If not you may have tiny ridges in your dryer from ware and tear. loose change, belt buckles, almost anything can case a good dryer to go bad, and if you were to look at it close up with a microscope it would look like a jagged layer of spiky metal. This layer loosens your threads in your clothes and wears them out faster. Also check the lint trap and make sure the outside vent is not clogged. Sometimes birds make a home there and people start to over dry their items and that can cause clothes to fade and fuzz too. I love hanging my clothes out to dry! One afternoon and they smell like sweet summer air lol watch for rain though

Answer #2

What causes it, is leaving your clothes in a pile, having clothes with a lot of lose fabrics or strands & bunching them up in a basket. The fix! Clean your lint trap, use fabric softener & buy a lint brush/roller.

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