What is making me gain weight ?

okay well im 13 . and last year I wieghed 130 ( I wa sover weight) so over the summer I lost 10 lbs and I've been happy with my weight then over winter break I did no exsersize or anything but maintained my weight but now im back at 130 and I dont understand. for the past 2 months I've been very active I do cheerleading and now were out of health and I've been doing wii fit everyday ? so I dont understand my eating hast changed but I just feel fatter and im confused . and no im pregnant and I doubt its form my period cause thats never happened before .. but yea . any ideas ?

thanks krystal <3

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just for a week dont eat carbs. I did it once and dropped 10 lbs in just a week. I didnt eat any bread, rice, potatoes, chips, or any carbs at all. also try the "4 bite diet" just eat 4 bites of your meal and then throw the rest away trust me you will still be full. anddd exercise!!! jog walk jump rope any kind of cardio. I dont think wi fit is cardio so try something else. also after running always tone and do abs and stuff. you will be in the best shape everr hope I helped :))
if you can help me with some of my problems too :) thaaanks

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It's probably mucsle

Why am I gaining weight?

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