What is it like when you have teeth removed - is it really painful?

I'm having two molars taken out, one from each side. Will it be really painful. I am having local anesthetics and will the injections hurt? Also how long will it take to heal and before I can eat properly again. Im really scared as I've never had surgery before. :S

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It does't hurt at all,the only bit that hurts is the injection but you'll only feel a little pinch.And you will be able to eat a few minutes after it.

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The injections will hurt a little it's just a little pinch. You know like another injection. And after the injections are puten and the medice has affected you all your going to feel is tiny pressure, it dosent hurt at all!
I know at first it seems scary but it's ok.


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I've ahd many teeth ripped out. My litle sister is getting one of her teeth ripped out soon. She is scared but I told her that the medicine or injection doesnt hurt. After you will feel pressure around the area of the tooth.

Best of luck tp yopu and your tooth,


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It's not that bad. I've had four teeth removed and the only part that hurts is the injections, and the pain only lasts a second. Take a pain killer before you go, it will help.

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