What is insulin resistance?

What is it? and how can it be reduced? Someone was talking to me about it, but I have knowidea what they were going on about.

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lmao in short insulin resistance is when you need to inject a needle into u. this needle has insulin which your body needs to reduce the level of sugar in your body. this happens to diabetic people some young kids have this. it also happens because your liver stops realiseing this insulin chemical to reduce the sugar level so you need to injected to urself lol.

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Its when your insulin cannot convert glucose to glycogen to be stored in the liver. It myt convert it to fat or not at all and could result in diabetes mellitus

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insulin resistance is the condition in which a diabetic patient becomes insensitive to insulin.that is,even a very high dose of insulin does not lover the blood sugar.It is sometimes seen in pregnancy,long duration of usage and many other metabolic diseases.The best way to overcome it is to change the type of insulin you use.if you are on bovine insulin,you can switch over to huminsulin.

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