Is grece a democratic country?

Is grece a democratic country and is turkey democratic as well? I have a hard assignment and I need to know please hurry!!!

Answer #1

Sorry, I misread the question.

Greece is the country where they invented Democracy more than 2000 years ago. The historic greek democracy is the one without representatives of course. It’s called a greek democracy because they invented it. Modern Greece has a representative Democracy.

Answer #2


a greece damocracy is one without representatives. That means they don’t have any house of representatives. So when an important decision is to be made, people gather and decide. In a representative democracy (most democratic countries), you vote people, and those people make the decisions. Obviously, greek democracy works only in either small places or on computer networks. Switzerland has greek democracy on communal level.

Turkey is a democracy since the beginning of last century (1922-1923-something). See the wikipedia article for details.

Answer #3

Yes, they both are democratic countries. (plus, Turkey is secular)

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