What is dig money?

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Dig money is what you have to pay your parents after you are 16 and if you are not in education. It's money to stay in that house because your money is stopped because you turned legal age and if you leave school, you have to get a job and pay some percent of your wages to your parents for living there.

I dont know about the U.S but here in Scotland, I have to pay dig money.
I recently just asked a question about how much dig money I'm meant to pay but no-one has answered so far >:

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Well, I don't think it's an actual law but from when you are born till when you are 16, your parents get child benefits to help but when they stop, the parents still need that money so you have to go get a job and pay your share of money or you'll get kicked out of your house.

My friend carmen, on the other hand is 16, not in education or in a job and her mum gives her money so carmen can do what she wants. She is spoiled and she doesn't need to pay money. So it's not a law but it's just a thing that happens in most families to help pay their share of electricity/gas etc bills.

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wow, so is this an actual law, or is it just a custom, (I'm Canadian btw)

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