What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body?

What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body. I had an allergy bcoz of shaving. I didnt use cream before. Now I want 2 shave my hair w/ cream but I dont know what is d best cream & shaver?

Answer #1

I think when it comes to shaving, You really get what you pay for. A good razor and cream combination is any of the Gillette Venus with the Gillette Satincare!! That is some slippery stuff!. My wife uses that and one time I used it on my face and I was so impressed by it! I almost went and bought one for my face! lol.

Make sure you first take a hot shower with shower gel on the areas you are going to shave with the water more warmer than normal, rinse, then shaving cream.

Answer #2

instead of shaving you could try a hair removal cream or waxing.

Answer #3

I use Skintimate..

Answer #4

If you are sensitive to shaving creams then maybe you should try Aveeno - it’s natural.

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