How can I best remove body hair?

Hey! I have a hairy body. I dont know whether this is the normal thing or if I am really bigfoot… I have coarser hair on my legs and armpits… but the hair is softer but just as dark everywhere… and the trouble areas are my butts, and the midriff… I cannot waz regularly as I cant do it back there myself,… and in a salon wud be expensive… ( can it be done on your own though ? waxing ? I never tried… I am only assuming it wud be difficult to do your butt on your own.. )… and cant afford laser either Shaving is outta question… as I believe it makes the growth coarser and thicker… Bleaching is only an alternative solution as it doesnt remove the hair really… I was operated for some infection and they used a razor to shave my butt cheeks.. which I fear is part of the cause for my problem… I am thinking maybe I can use those hair removing gels/creams… but I heard that those things make your skin go darker… is it true ? I am not going to apply it on the genitals… only the butt cheeks… so I reckon its safe enough… ?

Answer #1

hmm… thats good news… actually… well… the skin i have on my underarms is darker than the rest of me, n i had a feeling its because of the the hair removing creams i used before… Now its improving though… the dark skin… although my doc told me its because i was overweight once… Hey… is the growth softer after using nair ? like waxing ?

Answer #2

i think you should consider laser hair removal, its a great investment, otherwise, creams or wax are great too. good luck hun! xoxo love

Answer #3

Hair removal cream is fine.

Answer #4

go to target and u can buy hair removal creams. dont worry they work great i promise! like nair!


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