What is considered a good iq score?

What is considered a good IQ score? I've never taken one of those tests before, and frankly, I'm a bit worried I'd score low on an IQ test, hence the reason I've never taken one. Is there a "good" score threshold, or is anything above a hundred on an IQ test considered good?

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my friend is a 14 year old girl with an iq of 116

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I scored 132 and I am a ESL former student is that genius or not?

is 118 a good score on an IQ test?

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my IQ is 160

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mines a 132

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haha, I got a 138 :) but im 14. I don't know if that's goood or not.

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The average IQ score is 100, with most of the population scoring somewhere between 90 and 110.

It's true that IQ scores are a bit outmoded now - they have their uses and I don't think you'd score badly on one, but to the people who work with them it's the individual tests within them which give interesting results. For example, someone might score incredibly highly on the spatial tests, practically genius level, but because they were dyslexic and got a low score on the symbol/sound-related tests, would still only end up with an average of 100. So the overall score wouldn't give you much of an idea of the person's real abilities, but the individual tests might point out learning difficulties or particular strengths.

Howard Garndner's Multiple Intelligences tests are very useful if you want to look at your range of abilities, or give someone a positive boost rather than picking on what they're bad at. You can find loads of versions on the internet and some give you a groovy little pie chart at the end with all your intelligences on it.

Have fun!

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im thirteen and I scored 132... I guess thats quite good but everywere on here is different.

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if youre taking an online iq test that you are not paying for it's not accurate.
iq tests fluctuate. on some 130+ is genius while on others 160 is. if you want a proper number and what you place in relation to others, not just some internet bullshit, go get yourself tested somewhere or buy a self test at your bookstore.

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Consider having a large IQ, a bit like having a well endowed wallet. I never thought of myself as 'genius', as at 141 I'm surrounded by people of 130 to 145, whether that be at work or home. It's a bit like that with money, the more you have, the more opulent (posh for the uninitiated) area you live in, people in those areas have the same money, so you never consider yourself, 'rich'.

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My guesses:

Age 1-12
Below 70: Low
70-79: Pretty Bad
80-89: Good
90-99: Very Good
100-120: Very, very intelligent
120+: Prodigy Child

Age 13-20
Below 70: Very Low
70-79: Low
80-89: Kind of Good
90-99: Good
100-120: Average
120-129: Very Intelligent
130-139: Very, very intelligent
140+: Genius

Age 20-49
Below 70: Borderline Retardation
70-79: Very Low
80-89: Low
90-99: Good
100-119: Very Good
120-129: Average
130-139: Very Intelligent
140+: Genius
Age 50+
Below 70: Low
70-79: Pretty Bad
80-89: Kinda Good
90-99: Good
100-119: Average
120-139: Very Intelligent
140+: Genius

I don't really have any facts to rely on, this is just common sense. I hope it helps.

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Does your age matter when it comes to taking an IQ test?

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Dunno but mines 98 and im smart at school

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Ranking of IQ scores was developed by Lewis Terman in 1916 as a way of categorizing intelligence levels. The ranking of typical ranges of IQ scores and what they mean are summarized below:

Over 140 - Genius or near genius
120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence
80 - 89 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency
Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness

The distribution of IQ scores in the world falls along a normal distribution curve, and can be summarized as:

50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110
70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115
95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130
99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140

Roughly 5% of the population has IQ scores under 70; this is considered the benchmark for mental retardation. On the other end of the scale, only 1% of the population falls in the 135 and above category, which is the benchmark for genius.

What is the relevance of these scores? At best, they measure academic intelligence or the ability to succeed in an academic environment. Many other kinds of intelligence have been discovered and categorized that are not measured by these tests, such as the physical intelligence demonstrated by athletes, and musical/artistic genius. A rough ranking of what each IQ score means occupationally is shown below:

Top Civil Servants; Professors and Research Scientists.
Physicians and Surgeons; Lawyers; Engineers (Civil and Mechanical)
School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers.
Foremen; Clerks; Telephone Operators; Salesmen; Policemen; Electricians.
Machine Operators; Shopkeepers; Butchers; Welders; Sheet Metal Workers.
Warehousemen; Carpenters; Cooks and Bakers; Small Farmers; Truck and Van Drivers.
Laborers; Gardeners; Upholsterers; Farmhands; Miners; Factory Packers and Sorters.

There is also considerable evidence that IQ scores can be improved by changes in ones environment, particularly for children. Children who have been read to more often or have been subjected to variety in their environment tend to improve their scores over time.

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I think 120 is good. below 100 is poor. 100 is the average score of poeple around the world. 140 you are intelligent and if you get 160 or above your a genius.

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IQ doesn't test everything. It's mainly maths they test you on. I hate that. I don't like maths, but I'm okay @ it. I love english and apparently I'm really good @ it!

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anthdoe1126 is wrong. you have to have your IQ measured when you are at the age of about 2nd or 3rd grade for it to be accurate. And, if your IQ is below 50, you probably are in special ed.

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Well honestly it depends on what field you work in. If you are a glorified button pusher then the "average" number which is 100 and at this range you are completely capable of doing your job without much supervision. A "genius" IQ score is considered a score of 140 or higher according to Louis Terman who proposed a scale for measuring IQ in 1916. I scored a 136. So I was proud of my silly little score, but not quite as proud or ego-inflated had it rang with "genius" numbers.

Take the test with a grain of salt because the metrics are a little outdated and I don't believe account for the the total capability of an individual. I still want to retake it myself to beat Madonna who is rumored to have an IQ of 138 I believe.

Take the IQ test and see what pops up. Worst case scenario, you tell people that you never took it.

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woot im a happy ego-inflated person 162!!! Haha :P but seriously its not everything I've learned that the hard way you gotta balance everything out equally if you want to be proud of yourself and your acheivments!... ciao

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