What is best? Fingered or eaten?

Just curious to know. Girls only please. Had a few either way but just want a survey on what you think is best?

Answer #1

It doesnt really matter to me. Both brings me pleasure !.

Answer #2

I like being eaten out more. I get off with more clitoral stimulation and less vaginal so that’s probably why.

Answer #3

Both. At the same time. ;) I actually like being eaten out the best.

Answer #4

okay it is different for different people. I think fingering is better, eaten out seems awkward and sorta disgusting. and guys do like fingering girls which is always a plus. most guys dont like eatening out but they will do it to satisfy a girl. if you want to be eaten out make sure you are clean down in your genitals and smell good, no guy wants to eat that if it smells haha.

fingering :)

hope this helps :)

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