What is a topic for a pursuasive speech?

So im a senior in high school. I am currently taking a speech class. Today our teacher assigned us to write a speech about something pursuasive.. I cannot think of a reallyy good topic..to make the whole class think of how I do. The only ones I can come up with are abortion and capital punishment. Both of those I have very strong opinions about; but I dont want to be too serious..and those might be touchy subjects to talk about in a classroom.

Any ideas???

Answer #1

I did my persuasive essay on inhumane treatment in slaughter houses. Like, sure meat is good, but you don’t have to torture and abuse them to kill them, do you? My professor really liked it.

Good Luck : )

Answer #2

Well, my best friend did a pursuassive speach that ‘candy canes should not be put on the christmas tree’ a few years ago. That was because of a little “argument” we had and she actually got one of the highest marks. How about, why is twilight degreading to people everywhere?

Answer #3



or why coke is better than pepsi (you can write about the green santa until coke changed it to red and the christmas adverts and types.

why woman these days and different to woman in the 1950’s (you need ACTS and stuff for that one)

just get two things that are like.. enemies and say why one is better than the other and backup your points.

Answer #4

I did my speech about opinion. it’s really simple to do as opinions are everywhere. For example even that is an opinion. just use heaps of examples. and you can make it as serious or as light-hearted as you want. examples I used: definition of opinion is an opinion, right and wrong are opinions, and to be all pychological just say…even now you are forming an opinion of this speech. it never fails.

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