Help with solar or sun ovens

Can I make a solar oven? My family usually makes pizzas so we don’t have pizza boxes. Solar ovens are SO cool I’d so like to try it! Oh, and don’t tell me about the one that uses those car cooling things, don’t have those either… I’d like to make one out of recycled stuff, or stuff I can find easily. I do have aluminum foil and ceram wrap. I put this in science LOL! I mean It makes sense… righto?

Answer #1

Well, to build a solar oven you can design it however you want, as long as you follow a line of reason. Most solar cookers use a box (you can use any kind of box) or bowl and black paper (usually counstruction paper. ), seran wrap or something else see through to hold the heat. To get the heat from the sun, most people would use tin foil, to reflect the sun into the heating chamber.

So what you really need is a design to reflect sunlight into a chamber that will hold heat. You can come up with your own, which will probably be fun.

For ideas here are a few sites:

The solar cooker I had made I used a standard box with a lid and cut a large tringular hole in the lid. I filled the hole with clear wrapping, and lined the inside of the box with black construction paper. Then I made a seperate movable piece that was rounded, but angled so that you could point it towards the sun. I curled up a large piece of paper (had to tape a few together) and made it so it fit over the box, but not completly, just enough to fit on the lid. I then cut the bottom so it was angled. I lined the inside with tin foil to reflect the light, then made a few holes in the bottom and attached pieces of string so they could be clamped by the top of the box and the bottom of the box when it was closed. (This was so the top didn’t blow away.) Then I was done, and never had enough patience to test it. I did it during winter, so I never got around to trying it.

Hope this was helpful, and have fun making one!

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