What is a netbook?

Well I was just searching some things up on google about laptops and then something came up about a ‘netbook’ they said they were a lot cheaper then a laptop. Just got some questions about them ; how much are they? Are they avaliable in the u.s? can they get internet? Do they have things like microsoft word or something kinda like it? Help please. (:

Answer #1

A notebook is just another name for a laptop computer They are a little cheaper than desktop computers but it’s best to catch one after christmas right now then they will go on sale you probably can get one around $300.00 after christmas sales

Answer #2

A netbook is a smaller, less powerful notebook/laptop. It does not have as long a battery life as a notebook and probably won’t run any of the more robust programs out there like Photoshop or graphics-heavy games, but they are very portable due to their small size and weight and are entirely sufficient for going online or preparing documents.

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