What is a good idea to make sex more exciting with my boyfriend?

Sure sex is great, but he always finishes before me and so I want to make it more fun for us. We’ve tried different positions and stuff but I really want to please him. I dont have the nicest body and im not that attractive so I dont think a strip tease or anything would be that great for him. Is there anything I can do to make sex more exciting for both of us? Thanks (:

Answer #1

become more comfortable with yourself if your too shy to do a strip tease, if you are sexually active then you must be attracted to eachother, a strip tease or a dress up game would be lots of fun if your getting bored with just sex..

Answer #2

So much to suggest =]

Roleplaying, Lapdancing, Mutual Masterbation, new positions, toys etc My best suggestion would be to get a book or a set of the sexual adventurer cards

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