What is a good cover story to avoid embrassment?

ok so I have to have a band aid on my chin just under my lip, why its there you doesnt matter, but I need a good cover story to explain it, I cant say I fell over or off my bike. I need something creative but beleveable that inst too embrassing. to tell people at school tomorrow

Answer #1

A scratch? Pimple? Bother or sister hurt you? Cat hurt you? Hope this helps.

Answer #2

You knicked yourself while shaving? A cat scratched you? A dog jumped up and scratched or tried to bite you? I don’t know, need to know how bad the scratch is.

Answer #3

Invest in some gel band aid and you won’t have to tell school mates fibs or lies on why you have a plastic band aid strip on your chin. You can purchase gel band aides from most supermarkets or chemists.

A fib you can tell them, one of your mates throw a basketball at you and you missed catching the ball and had it land on your chin. The ball basket glazed your skin; hence a band aid was needed.

Answer #4

Oh I tripped fell and landed on herpes

Answer #5

Do you have a little brother or sister or younger cousin? You could say you picked them up and they scratched you.

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