What is a fruit and what is a vegetable?

Okay, question #1 what is a fruit? (the definition I found was a seed with an envelope and is eatable and comes from trees or from the ground

       Question #2  is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?  (it has a seed so I guess it is a fruit
       Question # 3 what is a cucumber?  (is it a fruit?)

Hahaha this is all sooo weird…

       Trick question? What is banana? (it has no seeds...actually they used to but not anymore.
Answer #1

Fruit = Seeds Vegetable = No seeds

Tomatoes and cucumbers are both fruits. Bananas do actually have little seeds, they are tiny dots. If you cut the banana lengthwise in half, you’ll see the little seeds in the middle.

Answer #2

ai yi yi! bub! lol…well we’ve discussed this over and over :P ummm… so yeaa…

fruits have seeds and veggies don’t! tomato I konw is a fruit…and heck you’ve convinced me that a cumber is one as well! lol and a banana is tottaly a fruit! eheheh… because like what steph has said… you cut a banana diagonaly today and saw it has seeds! lol :P

I love you hunny!! you’re such a cutie! ♥

Answer #3

A fruit happens when the part that you eat grows above ground. A vegetable grows in the dirt below the ground.

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