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How to get over a fruit and vegetable phobia?

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I have a phoebia of eating fruits and vegetables. yeah I know, it sounds really crazy and stupid but I seriously cant help it. my parents have tried to get me to eat fruits and veggies but im so gosh darn stubborn. I feel so bad about it because my mom has to cook something different for me then for the rest of my family and I think its beginning to take a tole on her. I seriously wish I could eat them but I just cant. I mean yeah, I could put the thing in my mouth.. but its a lot more complicated then that. I've seen several different therapists and my parents both work in the hospital so they have asked for advice from just about every food specialist you can think of. the other day I walked in on my mom and she was crying in the bathroom because she was so worried about my health. I havent EVER seen my mom cry so this was very overwhelming and upsetting for me. im leaving home in 3 years and time's running out. I dont know what to do and im scared to death for my health and the extreme guilt I carry is really starting to affect me academically, socially and how I feel about myself :/