What is a dancers body?

What does it mean to have a dancers body? please be detailed! I always here people using that expressin and stuff so what does it mean and how do you get a “dancers body” (like what excersizes)

Answer #1

it actuly depends on what type of dance. Ballet dancers have thin straight bodies. Jazz typically have slightly more curves then ballet. Hip hop can vary but looks better with curves. Latin Hawain and other southern dances prefer curves in their dancers.

Answer #2

Basically what paula said. It means you are thin and have few curves. I’m not sure what exercises you would do to get this. I have what you would call a dancers body, and its not that great. It’s hard to fit in to clothes and stuff. Just be happy with the body you have. :]

Answer #3

A dancers body to my knowledge means that the person is very lean. Usually straight up and down with very few curves.

Answer #4

A dancer usually has a small hard stomach, muscular legs, toned arms, and somewhat of a butt. I danced for 12 years and we did lots of exercises to get our bodies in perfect shape. usually 100 crunches 100 push ups 50 leg lifts wall torture (when you squat against the wall and hold it) and also stretching all the time can help you. If you need more exercises you can fun mail me lol We did a lot more then this lol good luck

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