What is a catchy name for a cooking show?

I LOVEEE cooking, I think its really relaxing and its my true passion. the other day an idea came across me of making a little cooking show. I am super excited to do it. (: as I make the show, I need a name. and I am pretty much at a loss of what to call it, lol.
someone told me 'sweet molly' in memory of my dog. but from the start I had the idea of basing it off my initials. which are K.A.D. off of that I've only thought of one name. 'krazy and delicous' (I thought it starting with a k would add intrest?) but im not sure.
so I would GREATLY appreciate any sugestions. (:

pleas and thank youu!

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hah yea my initals are kinda hard lol,
thanks everyone (:
I really like kitchen addiction!
and yea ill post a link whenever I get it going,
thanks for your help!!

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Ok hard one lets see hmm...
Kooking A Dinner/Dish
Knifes And Dinnerware

Could you have harder inishals? lol here are afew that dont use them. sorry
Cooking with ___ <-your name
Delish a Dish
Wisks and Things
Kiss the Kook/Cook

I hope these help Sorry if I wasted your time. If you do start it send me a link or post it here I'd like to c what you can do. lol

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I like "krazy and delicious"! cool idea btw good luck! :)

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How about Kitchen Addiction?

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-Cooking with Class
-Hottie in the Kitchen

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