What is a book-review (helping sister..)?

My sister is writing a book review on a book and asked me to help her, But I have never done a book review and am trying to think back to when I was her age but can’t remember.

So pretty much, What is a book review? How do you structure it, what aspects etc etc. Thanks heaps.

Answer #1

a book review is basically saying what you think of the book and either recommending it to people or dissuading them from reading it. Basically I’d structure it like this

Introduction: Briefly explain what the book is about Middle: Talk about the bits you like/don’t like and explain why Conclusion: Comment on the success of the book and whether you would recommend it or not

This is how I did my film review for English and they’re kinda the same thing aren’t they?

Answer #2

You write in an orderly fashion about a book and express your opinion on it

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