How much is my card worth?

I have nfl pro set cards, they say 1991, the cards I have are, Mike quick. Wr, (eagels) Alvin walton.s, (redskins) Lenard russel.rb, (new england patriots) Nick bell.rb, (los angeles raiders) Joe nash.nt, (seakawks) Carl, (bengals) …I have nfl pro line cards, they say 1991, the cards I have are… William perry.dt, (bears) Ray, (giants) Myron guyton.s, (giants) Doug riesnberg.t, (giants) Phil simms.qb, (giants) Jeff george.qb, (colts) Neal anderson.rb, (bears)… …I have score cards, they say 1990, the cards I have are… Percy snow.(kansas city cheifs) Pepper (giants) Don smith.rb (buffalo bills) Kent, (buffalo bills) …I have topps cards, they say 1991, the cards I have are… Sean landeta. P, (giants) Bart oates. C, (giants) Jim covert. T, (bears)… I have fleer’90 cards, they say 1991, the cards I have are… Dave meggett. Rb, (giants) Pepper johnson. Lb, (giants)… Thats all I need to know how much they are worth please.

Answer #1

Honestly, the best thing to do is take them to a pawn shop or card trading shop. There’s no way we could give you accurate estimates on all of those cards without knowing each of the card’s conditions, etc.

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