What. If your areaols are darker could it mean your pregnant or?

What if your areols are darker could it mean your pregnant or could it means something else like your boobs getting bigger or something?

Answer #1

I’m sorry to say, but all signs point to yes my dear, I feel for you. the only way to be sure is to TAKE THE TEST I know its probabaly scary but you need to know the truth

Answer #2

Your pregnant, this is like your 4th question on the subject. You or the dude you stupidly had unprotected sex with needs to go buy a pregnancy test. Then tell your mom about your “accident.” If you are pregnant and going to keep it/give it up for adoption you need to get on vitamins to make sure your baby remains healthy.

Answer #3

okay…thanks :’[

Answer #4

If they have got darker, they say that is a sign of pregnancy. I dont know if it could mean anything else though.

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