What if i was to swallow cum?

I know this is a really stupid question but if I was to swallow cum could I get pregnant??

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Swallowing cum is the best way NOT to get pregnant!!!

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No you can't, only if it gets into your vagina. But like stephanie says, you can get STD from it so if you ever do do it make sure you and your partner are both clean.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
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No way...not a chance

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There is zero chance of that happening, you can easily catch an STD though.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
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no, swallowing cum is the healthiest thing you can do during sexx, trust me, youll get more brain cells acttive, whiter teeth[why you think brittney spears, jenna jameson, rihanna and other celebs have white azz teeth?? clearly the dentist cant show those results] and it prevents cancer, clears your skin, and you live longer, plus many other contrubuting factors.

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Swallowing cum is actually pretty good for you if your partner is healthy - It has protein and good calories, ... and you CAN NOT get pregnant if you swallow!!!

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