Can you get pregnant from swallowing

okay ..
I gave my boyfriend head tonight..and im freakin scared out of my mind..
can you get pregnant from swallowing cum..
I knew all the precutions but this...
and I wasnt thinking..
it was in the heat of the moment..
I think im ovulating..[sp]
and I need to know if I can get pregnant.!
because I have to do the morning after pilll if so..
som please. help me.!

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ANSWER #1 of 10

No matter how many times I see this question (which proves your not alone in your lack of sexual education) it cracks me up.
No you can not get pregnant from swallowing your boyfriends swimmers.

ANSWER #2 of 10

No, but don't do it if you don't know these sorts of things, or you'll end up getting pregnant from doing something else stupid.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

ANSWER #3 of 10

no, there is no chance you can get pregnant from doing that.
but please, do get more clued up about the facts of sex before you go off having it

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
ANSWER #4 of 10

no you can't get pregnant from swallowing... tho cum actually cleans your teeth out and helps kill plaque. it's better than most dental hygiene products out there. so swallow all ya want. It's actually good for you. ;)

Could I get pregnant by blowjob?

ANSWER #5 of 10

no ... if you swallow sperm it goes into your stomach and the digestive juices (acid) in your stomach with kill the sperm ... the only way to get pregnant is for the sperm to enter your vagina

What if I was to swallow cum?
ANSWER #6 of 10

Hun> if you did your research before becoming sexually active (not just intercourse) then you would know that you cant get pregnant from swallowing. The only way is through vaginal intercourse.

Can cum cause pregnancy?

ANSWER #7 of 10

Swallowing cum is the SAFEST way to NOT get pregnant!

get pregnant if cum goes into your mouth?
ANSWER #8 of 10

if you have to ask that kind of a question you shouldnt be doing THAT !!!

cccan you get aids from swallowing cum

ANSWER #9 of 10

no, no you can't

Pre cum and cum
ANSWER #10 of 10

How old are you exactly???

can I get pregnant from pre-cum!

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