What if i just dyed my hair, can i blow dry and flatten it??

Ok so I just dyedmy hair black. Can I blowdry/flatten it without the color fading or do I need to wait? I know I have to wait 24 hrs before I wash it but is it the same for drying and straightening itt???:)

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I dye my hair a lot and get highlights and stuff...normally they straighten it for me straight after and the next day, I have no problem drying it and straightening it...u will be fine :)

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Yeah I would wait because AtHome dyes are really cheap and it will probably look really bad after just washing it, I would go to a Salon, and tell them to strip it and re-do it professionaly. Never go with at home dying.

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I dye my hair at home all the time. there is nothing wrong with it. it still looks good and its not as expensive as getting it done professionally. but everytime I dye my hair I want to see how it looks. so as soon as im dont I dry and straighten it. I've done it several times and my hair is perfectly fine so you should be good. :)

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I dye my hair at home all the time and I can dry it and flat iron it right after I've done it. I've dyed my hair black red blue pink purple you can see I'm a lil experienced. and what ever you do don't go wasting you money on getting your hair stripped at a salon. one it will kill you hair and two they cost over a 100$ if you have hair to you shoulders. if it's black make sure you sleep on a towel so the dye won't come off on your pillow. you should be fine have fun with you new hair

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I did it myself

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^^^ its so bad to dye your hair at home! what is the pont if you can just go to a salon...?

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if I were you I would wait just to be on the safe side

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Did you do it yourself or at a Salon?

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