What if I do this diet plan, will it work & how much will I lose??

Okay so I have a swimming party on may 1st, and I need to lose my fat on my legs, arms, and tummy. If I do this plan how much will I lose and/or will it even help??

  1. Eating all veggies, drinking water, some protein, and fruits, and fiber.
  2. Doing 25-30 minutes of cardio a day.
  3. Doing those seventeen magazine workouts (the crunches and leg stuff)
  4. Eating two spoonfuls of honey right before bed.

I don’t have any weights, and a lot of consuction is going on around my neighborhood, so I can’t go jogging because of all the working going on. I do the staristeps and jumping rope for cardio, so will this work? If so…how much should I be able to lose? I’m 5’2 Female I weigh around 145

Answer #1

you should keep working hard and I always bike but as you said you cant but like walk the stairs

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