What hurts more getting your nose pierced with a needle or gun?

I really want to get my nose pierced . But im not sure if I should get it done with a gun or a needle

Answer #1

needle dont hurt x

Answer #2

I’m not sure where you heard getting your nose pierced with a piercing gun, but you shouldn’t do that, The needle is the best way to go, and I think the only way. Its faster, and less painful. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but if you can handle a nose piercing, I think you can handle any piercing. (Thats what the tattoo parlor guy said to me.) :]

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Answer #3

Don’t ever use the gun for any piercing especially the nose. it is completely stupid.

Answer #4

dont get anything pierced at a salon or mall by an unprofesional idiot who uses the gun real piercings are done with needles and needles only

Answer #5

The needle is just as quick as the gun. It takes the same amount of time. They mark the spot, clamp your nostril, and then push the needle through. it hurts for literally 3 seconds, then it will be a little sore like any other piercing.

Answer #6

I’ve had both done, first time I had my nosed pierced with a needle, second time with a gun. Both did not feel good but if I had to do it again I would prefer to have it done with a gun cause its much quicker but I do prefer the nose ring they put in when they use a needle.

Answer #7

You need to get it with the needle. The gun is so unsanitary and dangerous. Much less of a hassle to go with the needle.

Answer #8

Needle barely hurts. Got mine done almost 2 years ago. The pain is quick.

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