How do I get rid of these awful spots>>???

Well I am 13 and I have spots and a lot of dry skin on my face I wash my face evey day with specail stuff that my doctor gives me but it is still not getting rid of them does anybody have a cure for spots or dry skin>>> (I use e45 as well on my face) please help me>>///???

Answer #1

thnks you guyss x

Answer #2

e45 very good continue 2 use it on yuor dry patches

dont wash your face so much aswell it will help with the dryness…

spots: try steam cleanin your face in teh mornin and washing it at night…

I used to steam clean my face with a damp flannel in teh microwave for 20 or so seconds and just place it over my face, wait 4 it 2 cool then swill with cold water to close the pores :S

thats what I used to do anyway :)

Answer #3

keep using the stuff the doctor gave you, I used this stuff with no results for about 4 months but it eventually helped SO much

Answer #4

I use derma oil, its so good. I have excma and it gets rid of the white dry sports within like 3 weeks.

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