What: has anyones dr. ever been wrong about your ultra sound?

Ok so I'm 22weeks pregnant and I think there are two little people inside me. I went to my ultra sound appt. and my Dr. says nope there's only one, but I dont think so. I just want to know if anyone else has ever had this problem?

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I think it would be really unlikey that the ultrasound tech & the doc are both wrong. But, if you still think so request another one be done.

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Ultrasounds can be wrong.

When it comes to actually seeing the picture. One child may be hidden behind the other. Making it seem as if there is only one instead of two, and their heartbeats mingle sometimes so it also sounds like one.

It's pretty rare as far as I know for this to be the case though, but it does happen.

what is wrong, anyone know what it could be?
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It's pretty rare...I still think I'm having two but I'm guessing that after 2 ultrasounds it's highly unlikely. It can happen but anymore they're so advanced anymore that most of the time they are right.

Dr refused ultra sound
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