What happens when you swallow bubble gum?

its for a science project due in 3 days. we don’t have enough information.

Answer #1

The above 2 are right - I don’t think any real issues happen, especially if it’s not done often. It goes into your stomach, stays there and gets digested like food and then goes out just like everything else you eat.

Answer #2

“This is, for the most part, an old wives’ tale. Swallowed chewing gum typically passes through the digestive tract without harm and is eliminated at the same rate as other foods.

But rare complications can occur. The medical literature contains several case reports of people, mostly small children, who developed intestinal obstructions because they had a habit of swallowing their gum. A 1998 study in the journal Pediatrics, for example, described three children who came to a clinic with intestinal pain, constipation and other symptoms, and were found to have small masses of chewing gum in their guts. One was a 4-year-old boy who “always swallowed his gum after chewing five to seven pieces each day.” Another was a 4-year-old girl.”

Answer #3

Nothing special. It goes to your stomach, where it resists being digested and moves to your intestines and exits the body in your waste. It doesn’t stay in your body for 7 years or wahtever the rumor is. It goes through your body like all your other food and is removed in a bowel movement. Might want to think of something more exciting for a Science Project.

For more Details on the trek Swallow into Esophagus Travels down Esophagus Passes through Espohagal Sphincter into Stomach Stomach tries to dissovles and breakdown the food (Gum doesn’t dissolve or breakdown) Makes its way into the Small Intestines where is it pushed slowly through Makes way with the fiber and other non-digested particles into the Large Intestine/Colon where it sits until it is expelled by means of a Bowel movement

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