What happens when you microwave a watelr bottle before drinking?

Hi guys ok so I usually microwave waater when its still in d bottle thn drink it! I’ve been hearin that cn because cancer!is dis true?

Answer #1

Disposable water bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate. These bottles can if left in a car or heated secrete chemicals known as endocrine disruptors. These chemicals have been traced to the cause of certain cancers. The FDA states that is is in such a miniscule amount that its harmless. But Heat can cause more of this to build up. To be safe I wouldn’t leave bottles in a car or heat them in a microwave.

Answer #2

Water bottles shouldn’t be re-used, and the reason is that they leech harmful chemicals into the water after awhile.

When you heat up the bottle, you are accelerating the break down of the bottle and causing those chemicals to leech into your water at an increased rate.

I won’t drink water from a plastic bottle at all, but since my taps feed off of spring water, I have that option.

Answer #3

I didnt know hot water can cause cancer… the answer is no even burnt plastic wont do shit unless you breath in the smoke caused from setting it on fire

Answer #4

The melted plastic chemicals DO cause cancer.

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