What happens now? kicked out at 16..?

I’ll keep this short.. I was kicked out Wednesday night. I’m sixteen, I have a steady job, and I’m staying at a friends.

the reason I got kicked out was my grades slipped, but im currently pulling them back up and that im a lesbian.

I was not allowed to go back and get my things because we got into it. theres so much more to this but what I want to know is, what will happen?

I am not, repeat, am not going back to that house. im not going to be hurt by her anymore.

Answer #1

You live in Ohio?

Your parents can’t legally force you to leave home until you’re 18…call the police and tell them you’ve been forced from your home.

Answer #2

honestly if I found out my daughter was a lesbian or my son was gay I would kick them out why would kick out my 16 year old daughter because shes a lesbian? and her grades slipt? thats just stupid!!! they must have something tweaking in their had because thats no reason to kick out your kid out the house. all you can do now is stay in school and at your job…buy some clothes and if your planning on staying at that friends house for a long time then get a plan on paying rent because I dont think you can live there for free…or save money and rent a basement

Answer #3

I think you should stay at your friends as long as you can and save your money till you can rent a place f your own… if your not happy at home and you are being judged for who you really are you will be better off some where else… also since your only 16 social workers might get involved and help you out… just stay strong in yourself… Hope things work out for you… Xo:)

Answer #4

Your alternative lifstyle is probably going yo be the causation of a lot of grief for you. get used to it. on the lighter side… be proud of who you are . there are not a lot of people who are honest about who they are. while im a straight my sister is a homosexual , and our family sees that shes happy , so were happy for her. after comming out , she became a doctor, and the most successfull person in all of my family. I say keep your head high stay proud ,and when people try to change you, remember they are the unhappy person that needs to find change. Good luck to to you.

Answer #5

well you need to stay at your friends btw people dont needto judge others especially who are what they r. I dont reallyknow what I am love guys but I don’t know bout girls I think im strait yea im strait but im not gunna judge cusim not a cruel persn

Answer #6

well fuck your real parents if your lesbian all power to you im bi and my mother hates it so since your kicked out and have a job just by new things screw everyone who puts you down chicka.

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