What happened on Vampire Diaries

What happened in the episode where vicki was turned full Vampire. I missed it and really want to know.

Answer #1

They are going to re run it tonight if you really want to see it for yourself. I just saw the commerical.

Answer #2

It starts out that you see her getting transformed, then she parties at his house and then he kills her.. So if she wants to stay a vampire she has to drink human blood or else she’ll die. Stefan explains to elena how he got transformed by Catherine the girl who also transformed damon. Meanwhile, the police officer that is investigating on the 5 bodies found that damon killed. He has this little compass thing that can track vampires. Vicky goes into the woods and stephen Goes with her to convince her to not drink human blood but then the police officer shoots stephen and damon arrives, takes his ring back from stephen and kills the police officer. Damon helps Stephen and they turn around and vicky drank the police officer’s blood so she’s a vampire. Stephen goes back to elena’s house and tells her what happened. Elena tells Stefan that they shouldnt stay friends but promises to keep his secret. Thaats pretty much iit :]

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