When does Vampire Diaries come out?

Is the vampire diaries a tv show or a movie because I saw a trailer on youtube and a CW website and got really confused but it looked amazing and I am just about to the read the first book so it would be wicked if it was a tv show. if it is a movie or tv show when is it coming out?

Answer #1

It’s a movie coming out. My brother went to the theaters and he said that there was a movie coming out called -the ampire diaries- So…

Good Luck(:

Answer #2

You can also call your cable/satellite company - they should be able to give you a lineup.

Answer #3

Ok thanks I willl just have to keep my eye out for trailers

Answer #4

lol…I know which channel it will be on where I live - I have no idea what channels you have.

Answer #5

Thanks do you know what channel it would be on?

Answer #6

It’s a tv program premiering September 10

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