What guy advice can you give me?

Guys think im annoying because I always talk to random people and my friends think im hilarious but the older guys think im to loud and annyoing. any suggestions?

Answer #1

well if your prancing about talkin to random people, of course guys wont like you lool, guys like a girl that will stay faitheful to them and not go of to random people…that random person might be a random guy, if you had a boyfriend, and he will see and think “wtf is she doin?” just be more logical and think about what what guys would like. and being loud and talking to random people doesnt really give a mature upfront image of you does it?

Answer #2

duh. dont be so loud and annoying

Answer #3

^^^ do what pwin said ;)

Answer #4

Do what you like to do. if they cant handle it, tough.

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