What gross symptoms are normal on my new monroe piercing?

I got my monroe done 5 days ago and it was only swollen a little bit (nothing extremely noticeable to others, but I notice it ) and I just cleaned it with dial and sea salt a few minutes ago and I noticed when I look at it around the hole is red and raised a tiny bit..is this okay? pls help . what else is normal for monroes? if youve had it how long did it take to heal completely? when did yours start looking normal/ when did the swelling disappear? &whatever else info you may have thank u!

Answer #1

I wouldn’t think that dial would be the best thing to use on it, I’ve always been told not to use soap unless its absolutly necessary. Where ever you got it done should have given you some cleaning/aftercare solution or spray. I use H2Ocean, its piercing aftercare spray and its sea salt and lysozyme. Thats what most places I know recommend. I’ve had my merilyn done a few years back and it took a couple weeks to really heal. The swelling went away after about two days but I had goo and stuff that would need cleaned off it daily. However after having it in for 8 months I had to take it out for a day and a half and it closed up in that time. I now have my lower lip pierced and that one was about the same took about a day or so for the swelling. I’ve had it about a year now and it gets infected once in awhile and I’ll have to clean piercing daily for acouple days. Everybody heals differently so it could take a couple weeks or longer to heal completly. You should try swooshing warm water with salt in it around in your mouth twice a day or as needed. It also helps to do that when it gets infected.

Answer #2

Dial helps yes and h2ocean definatly or there is this cream or spray called emu oil it helps a lot. When I had my monroe pierced it did that too. Its just healing its normal. It’ll be like that for about the next week. Every piercing swells a little. You’ll be fine as long as your constantly cleaning it

Answer #3

they told me to use dial for all my piercings except tongue.

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