What's wrong with Hollywood and celebrities?


Answer #1

In many cases, morally bankrupt.

Answer #2

I agree with captain. The combination of their fame and fortune and the ego boost they get from being idolized by fans places them in a league of their own, where they don’t have to be limited by the norms people in the average society live by. When you become accustomed to a lifestyle that involves virtually endless amounts of money and never having to deal with anything you don’t want to deal with, reality is more or less a nightmare.

Hollywood is like money or flags or diamonds; these things are, in actuality, worthless beyond what people value them. It’s symbolic and the people that make it up are as well. People forget that actors and actresses are just common people who were motivated enough to persue a career and eventually knocked the ball out of the park. Who you are is determined by how much money you make, and when you’re averaging 15 million dollars per film, you’re a pretty big somebody in society. Plus, when you have that much money you can buy your way out of anything, so that adds a total other dimension to being “untouchable”.

It’s not really what’s wrong with Hollywood, it’s what’s wrong with everyone. People decide who they like and idolize.

Answer #3

I don’t know what exactly is wrong, but there seems to be A LOT wrong!! There used to be a day when it just was plain unacceptable (unthinkable even!) for a young woman to go around wearing a little skirt without panties and showing their privates to the cameras. What the heck is going on with this world when this type of thing is becoming commonplace? I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next to shock people! I guess it’s because they are so rich that they are no longer accountable for their actions? Someone needs to tell them “HEY - there is a thing called indecent exposure!” I’m really sick of Hollywood - I think they make WAYYY to much money, and I’m hoping one day that will change – with movies and entertainment being so easily accessible on the internet now, people will not go out to the movies so much, then the stars can no longer command $10 million for what amounts to less than a year’s work.

Answer #4

It’s simple. They don’t live in the real world. Surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people, they’ve forgotten just how depressing and life threatening the world outside of theirs, really is. Celebrities don’t have to survive! They have bodyguards, trillions of fans, money, security alarm systems connected to their bodies… They have everything. They don’t have to work hard, and start at rock bottom, and just try to survive. The only drama in their life would be “love”, and the occasional death. (Even through they blow both ideas wayyy out of proportion).

It’s a terrible place…, Hollywood…


Answer #5

…and their behavior is amplified by regular people who put the celebrities in a class above humanity.

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