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eric weinberger - Ringer president Eric Weinberger launches Ringer films.

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Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter, your source for exclusive entertainment news, insights, and behind-the-scenes stories. We are a team of dedicated professionals passionate about delivering the latest updates on sports, pop culture, documentaries, and much more. Our commitment to quality content and engaging storytelling sets us apart in the crowded media landscape.

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At The Hollywood Reporter, we strive to bring you the best in nonfiction content, focusing on sports and pop culture through long- and short-form programming. Our newest division, Ringer Films, is dedicated to producing high-quality documentaries that will captivate and entertain audiences. With a team of experienced professionals and a wealth of resources at our disposal, we aim to set new standards in the world of nonscripted programming.

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When you choose The Hollywood Reporter and Ringer Films, you are choosing excellence. Our partnership with HBO ensures that our content reaches a wide audience, allowing us to showcase our documentaries to viewers around the world. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and quality, we are committed to delivering compelling stories that resonate with our audience. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a music lover, or a pop culture aficionado, we have something for everyone.

What can you ask?

  • What upcoming projects do you have in the pipeline?
  • How do you select the subjects for your documentaries?
  • Can I submit a documentary idea for consideration?
  • What sets your content apart from other documentaries?
  • Do you have plans to expand into other genres besides sports and pop culture?

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