What else to pick-help?

I just had my options evening at school, I have 3 choices for my gcses as well as the compulsary ones, I have already thought of media and maybe geography because media I have been told I’d be really good at my my english teacher as I work hard, quite creative and like stuff like this. I have also thought of geography because I was thinking of being something in the Army so that would really help me. I have one option left over if I pick those two but what do you think would suit me? I don’t want something too hard because media and geography are really hard apparently. Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer #1

well I am now in year 11 and when it came to chosing my GCSEs I took obviously the compulsary ones, media, geography, art and food. media has been really good and I am doing best in that out of all my gcses (im now going to take it for A level), so media is deffinately good to do and if coursework is your strong point then media is deffinately suited to you. with geography the coursework is very important but so is the exams. maybe you should take p.e or something like design? the thing is when it comes to chosing your GCSEs is that its quite a personal thing :)

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