What drawing supplies do you recommend?

I don't have many good inking pens, and the colored pencils I draw with aren't that good :( Which do you recommend?

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When I was doing tech drawing at High School, we needed coloured pencils and the general consensus was Crayola was preferable to Faber Castell. Although the Faber Castell leads were softer and could produce a nice colour-in, the lead would always break on me meaning the pencil would always have to be sharpened and so you went through them quicker. Crayola had harder leads which didn't break, but light shading never looked as good - but the pencil lasted far longer. I guess it will depend on what sort of use you want them for...

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I recommend the brand " faber-castell" their colour pencils are really good and they come in a lot of differnt types ( water colour , classic colours etc. ) . they also have a range of those ink paint brush pens if thats what you wanted. lol. and their colour pencils come in huge sets like 36,48 pencils.. they look really nice lol =]

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