Where are the cheapest art supplies?

Where can I find absolutely dirt cheap prices on good art supplies. I go through tons of acrylic paints, oil paints, clear coats, glazes, knives, brushes, vellum, etc. I have used Dick Blick with a pretty good pricing but I want to spend a lot less than this if possible. My overhead is killing me!!!

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I have never found anyone cheaper on average than dick blick, but you can run into deals. There are usually small art shops in everyones areas that love to make deals on bulk supplies.

Ask a sceneshop if there are any in your area. Sceneshops have to buy bulk items for projects.

Or you can recycle..... http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/03/lisa_kokins_art_with_found_mat.html

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Or you could really try to make a statement.... http://drawn.ca/2005/07/27/rubbish-drawings/

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